It turns out, I do not need an alarm clock to be up at 7 but a small dog! In an effort to keep him out of the bedroom that A and her pal are sleeping in, I let the dog sleep with me. It is amazing how much of the bed a 6lb dog can claim! And at 7, he rolled over, stretched and proceeded to wake me up with kisses! Gross but it sure does do the trick.

For those of you without a small dog, let’s discuss this product. It’s called Clocky. As you can see it has wheels. When the alarm goes off, so does Clocky! It wheels away forcing you to get up, find it and gently turn it off. Or in my case… chuck it out the &^%$#@! window! Much like I wanted to do with the dog! You can get Clocky from and I will sell you the dog for $50!