So, although Kerry pushed me in the direction of the Rachel Maddow show- it was Rachel herself who hooked me and pulled me in and now I can’t get enough! I love everything about her- her intelligence, her awkwardness, and her humor! LOVE.

Tonight, her guest was Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark. And I think I love him, too! At least enough to make me excited to go to Newark tomorrow night for the So, You Think You Can Dance show! (I hope Cat Deely is there! She makes me want to cheat on my girlfriend, Heidi Klum) (This is a really interesting, love fest of a post! Even for me!) Anyway, Cory was talking about the difference in Obama’s campaign and the way he sees the potential for America’s change. He mentioned that he was glad to see that Obama didn’t bow to “false issues or issues that excite anger or appeal to peoples lowest angels”. Isn’t that amazing?! He wants us to be proud and excited to look at issues that “appeal to our highest angels”!! I also love this whole idea! And although I think we, as a nation, as individuals- have a long way to go to reach our highest angels, making choices that appeal to them appeals to me!

And though California has taken two steps back with their approval of Prop 8 especially as a proposition passed that outlaws cramped cages for egg-laying chickens, the opportunity to respect the rights of everyone who loves as much as the rights of the egg-laying chicken is still there! Right? Appeal to your highest angels! Everyday. In every choice.

Cory and Rachel were also talking about how limited they believe the role of the traditional party played in last night’s election and Cory shared this thought… “America is not about left or right (anymore), it’s about FORWARD and backward!” I think, our highest angels would want us to move two steps forward! I think that would not only appeal to them but make them smile with grace.

Now put on the Paula Abdul, I got inspiring messages to cross stitch!