…who didn’t make it to the Oregon Candy Farm before it closed. A sad day indeed. Here is me… at said Farm in 2Grand4… What is in my hand, you ask? Their delightful Mt. Hood treats! See it’s a snow capped mountain (as the Farm was located in the shadow of Mt. Hood) but it’s made of coconut and chocolate and magic!

So, last night as I sat, longing for something to fill the empty spaces of my heart and ass, I craved a Mt. Hood. But the Farm is far, far away and oh right, closed. And so what is a girl to do? Make her own, of course!! So, I took some coconut and white chocolate and made my mountains….

…then I melted some chocolate and dipped the mountain in to give it that “snow capped” look.
And now my ass (and my heart) are easily 10lbs fuller because I can’t stop eating them!!! I shared one with Jim but have been left alone with them ALL DAY!! And at this rate, their may just be one left for him when he returns!! Looks like the only FOOL today at my house is ME!!

But I am a happy, chocolate and coconut and magic filled fool.
And darn pleased that the Oregon Candy Farm existed.
(Oh, and that Jeff & Kelli decided to live in Welches. Still no grape juice
but you have to pass this magical Farm to get there!!)