Yesterday, I caught this new show on the Lifetime (5 & 5:30 at my house) called Cook Yourself Thin. Shockingly, it is a British show… retooled for America! And although I thought- “Whatevs, cooking show with a diet twist! Pass the Ben & Jerrys!” I LOVED it!! 3 Chefs (one from the British show, one from Top Chef, one from somewhere else) and a woman’s daily meals. The chefs take the guests meals and make them over in a thinner way! (Think applesauce instead of oil stuff) Well, they had me a cupcakes made with zucchini!! Zucchini, I tell you!! I printed some menus, I shopped thru my tears today (it has been a bad day) and although I didn’t make the cupcakes… I started with the grilled flank steak with rosemary rub and balsamic reduction. HELLOOOOO!!! Delish! I am buying a grill pan- screw you, George Foreman! So good! It was supposed to be served with a cauliflower potato mash but I went with roasted veg since I knew I liked those! But the mash is happening! As are the cupcakes and maybe even the cookbook!

I feel like I have done a fine job filling the Matt size hole in my life with food. And now I feel like I jammed at 6ft tall man into my 5’4″ frame… so a change has gotta come! And daily DVRing of Cook Yourself Thin is part of that change! And of course, my updates of the recipes! So, get rubbin’ your flanks because it is good!! Tomorrow- the cupcakes! is the main link and then head to the show from there!