Strawberry Shortcake and her pals were thought up by American Greetings in 1977. By the early 80s they were EVERYWHERE! TV, dolls, books, clothes- everywhere! They smelled delicious and they were cute as buttons plus they each had a pet!! And I loved them. My favorite doll, hands down, was Raspberry Tart! She had a monkey called Rhubarb and she smelled of raspberries which I also LOVED! I still love raspberries and I can sometimes be a bit of a tart
so it all makes perfect sense!!

I even thought bringing the gang back was a great idea. Sure, the gals are thinner and dress more like whores but kids today would be weirded out if they didn’t. But I just saw something that made me change my mind…. Sure, being at a Target on a Sunday already makes me wanna kill myself but seeing this travesty was like salt in the wound… Raspberry Tart has been renamed!!!
WTF?!?!?! I am not pleased with this. She looks 100 times more Tart-like but apparently Raspberry TORTE is much more PC!! Such horse shit.
I bet she can’t even have a monkey anymore.