On Sunday, JR suggested we hit this place her pal, B wanted to keep hush hush for birthday brunch. She had to plead and plead and finally he gave her the address. We gathered up Mark, Hanna & crew and off we went to eat Greek food and celebrate the birth of… well, ME! JR said that Brian said it was the best Greek food ever.

I say… AMEN!!!! OH MY GREEK! This was the best Greek food EVER!!! JR & I didn’t bother to wait for M&H to arrive- we took the liberty of ordering fresh, hot potato chips and grilled pita with various spreads. I admit, I told JR I wished M&H had arrived later- so we wouldn’t have to share! The tzatziki was outrageous! Fresh herbs and capers, flash fried on top. I seriously almost licked the bowl!! The hummus- insane. The garlic potato dip, with garlic chips- ridiculous. When we everyone was there we added grilled haloumi cheese, grilled octopus (which I tried and LOVED), Greek meatballs stuffed with feta, lobster macaronia, two bottles of delicious Greek white, the freshest most yummiest grilled lamb I have ever had (and I had the gross, privilege once of eating lamb that had been alive earlier in the day which turned out to be delicious). The kids had freshly made ice cream- Abby’s was fig made from figs picked from the fig tree on the patio!

Hands down- the BEST thing of the BESTEST Greek meal (even including meals I had in Greece) was the cauliflower risotto. It was a special. Special does not even begin to describe it. They roasted the cauliflower, using the stem to make the stock to make the risotto. Then they flash fried some of the cauliflower to give the dish some texture. They also flash fried the cauliflower leaves for atop the dish and for a bit of kick? Pickled carrot slices.

I cannot wait to return! Mark said it was better than football (which he sweetly gave up to attend brunch) (he DVR’d it but it isn’t the same). Abby made up a word to describe it all- “deloshness”! William ate enough pita to fund a small Greek town! And us, ladies? As if the company of two of my dearest, sweetest, most wonderful friends wasn’t enough- our bellies were full of goodness, our faces tired from laughing and our afternoon a joy.

Company can (and did) certainly make the meal but DAMN, this was some deloshious food!!! If you are able to get to Whitestone- RUN, RUN to Exo!!! Seriously, go now. And tell me what time you are getting there ’cause I will meet you!