Last year, my awesomely awesome sister-in-law gave me an envelope of calendula seeds that she plucked from her very own garden! I planted the envelope in my dresser. Mainly, because I didn’t get ’em in the ground before it got too cold! Well, I finally decided that it was time to plant ’em in some dirt! I planted a handful outside and then decided on a whim to create my own little greenhouse and get some off to a glowingly good start! (Or kill ’em. I haven’t tried to grow anything from a seed since the kindergarten days of dixie cups and bean seeds!) So, with my found planter and some straws and cling film- I chucked some of the seeds in some dirt, raised the roof and placed it in the office! Within 48 hours- little baby calendulas peeked out and today, less than a week later, I have a bunch of teenage calendulas ready to make their way in the brave, big world of the patio! Moonwhile, their outdoor counterparts are still chillaxin’ underground! Lazy bastards. Stay tuned for pics of their college graduation, first jobs, and the GEDs that the “bad seeds” earn if they ever put any effort in!