Want Me?

…you know- to headline at your club or star in your major motion picture or sing your theme song or maybe you just want to say hello — I’d like that, too! I like you!

Email me! Take jennwehrung.com & insert “@aol” in the appropriate place. No links. If the spambots want me, I’m going to make them work for it.

Or find me on Facebook, we can be friends and play scrabble and you can see exciting pictures of me & my pup, Ripley!

Sometimes, I Skype. (use the icon above) Grab me there & I’ll chair dance for you. Maybe. If that’s your thing. Or I have had a cocktail. You know what? Let’s just forget the chair dancing part.

I do have a LinkedIn page! Link me! Also, 2006 called to tell me to tell you I also have a  myspace one. Soooo, there’s that.

There’s tons of me on YouTube. Go to my channel if you need endless videos of me! There’s one called “Kitten Wars”- it is NUTS!


I’m not on twitter. I would be too tempted to constantly use the word “twat”. But if you think I should be- reach out & touch me through any of the options listed about & tell me why.

* — Yes, I’m aware most of these links are at the top of every page, but don’t you feel better, after reading this? I know I feel better now that you have.

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