well, hellooooo there!

Jenn here and on behalf of everyone here at jennwehrung.com, can I just say… you look fantastic? Seriously, did you lose weight? Cut your bangs? Whatever it is — I like it!

But enough about you! I am a comedienne, writer, actor, singer  in New York City. Sometimes I dance. Not particularly well but with joy. I got my writing and drama degrees from Syracuse University but was simply born to perform (ask my Mom, she’ll tell you!). I started doing stand-up while living in London after being encouraged by the sublime, Jenny Éclair. I didn’t sing in college — I was, what we theatre kids call, “straight drama” (funny on so many levels).  However, as fate would have it, just as I was about to succumb to the anesthesia for my wisdom tooth removal- I revealed to the hygienist that I wanted to be a singer and proceeded to belt out a tune! Stir in some late night karaoke and a vocal coach and BAM!  Triple threat and then some!

I have been seen in theatres and stand-up clubs across New York City including Carolines on Broadway, Gotham, Comix, and New York Comedy Club. As well as The Producers Club, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, The NY Fringe Fest, The Tank — to name a few. I have traveled far (to perform at The Royal Hall in Cornwall, England) and wide (Cherry Grove. Fire Island. Twice, baby!) to bring laughter to the masses. I toured NY/NJ doing improv for kids with the award winning Attic Salt Theatre Company. I have rocked Mortified! in NYC and Boston. I voiced an audiobook! (Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher) I drove to Oregon with my 10 month old puppy! (no real relevance, I just wanted to share)

I produce the noted series, Takin U Back with Robb Leigh Davis. My one-woman show, Seeing The Glass was a sold out cabaret meets stand-up extravaganza enjoyed by everyone who saw it (again, ask my Mom – she was there!)  And my alter-ego, Bella DaBalls is a burlesque sensation! (Did I not mention I do burlesque? Ooops, my bad. Click on her name up top to check her out! There is nothing she likes more than being checked out. Except a cocktail.)

I am thrilled that you have taken a moment to check out my site as I will be adding to it all the time. I add to my blog every day (unless I don’t)! So, there’s that. Oh, you! I have always adored you! Like I have always adored gnomes… I am just kitschy like that.

Love, jenn

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