How Cool Is This Guy?


So, in a few weeks, I am off to Paris with Nannyland. Well, just one of ’em! If I can get past the stress of leaving the Pup, my complete lack of French and A’s new “road trip to Germany” idea- I am excited!! And then this morning, I heard about this guy and his new exhibit at the MOMA and I wanna recreate! That’s right- I gotta plan! A photographic plan and I got it from Eugene Atget! He began his life’s work at 40! And he did très bon!! Croissant! Chocolat!! Here are two of my faves from 1926ish….

This is Ripley’s Interpretation Of…


… how we feel of late! Been sick for what feels like weeks! Got clocked in the nose today by a Golden Retriever which is very much coloring my outlook (and my eye! UGH!) Have an unrequited crush which is becoming to hard to handle. Work is like a vortex of exhaustion.


Sooo….How are you??

Christmas Posing with the Fam!!


Christmas in da ‘hood!


Ahhh, da ‘hood. If nothing else, my neighbors are good for decorating! Halloween gets a little nuts. Thanksgiving gets a blow up or two but Christmas? Nothing pumps these folks like Christmas decorations. Huge blow ups, Clark W. Griswold lights, and then this incredibly creepy clown. Every year, it scares the britches off me. And a Wise Man I know put down his frankincense and pointed out why…  Cause it ain’t Christmas. Just creepy. So, there’s that! Luckily, I am a fan of snappin’ up Christmas, Ninja style, whilst out with the Ripster! Enjoy!! ps…  deflated inflatables are a bit naughty, no? 

We Gots A Tiny Tree!!!


NYC has gone to the…


…Elephants?? Weird, right? I am not sure what inspired this upswing in pachyderms around town (well, 2 isn’t really an upswing but elephants are large- they count double!) I snapped this pic of the acrobatic elephant in Union Square and the other apple wielding one in Columbus Circle. Maybe they are just looking for a good watering hole?

Dog Park Shenanigans!


Nitro’s Dad, Leo took some pics the other morning and sent ’em to us via the Facebook! This one perfectly captures morning at the dog park. The hat (didn’t do my hair), the shades (makeup is for losers), the coffee (it was pre-8AM) the sweats (I slept in those pants) and of course, Ripley (I am ever her favorite playmate and me with frisbee?? Heaven). Ahhh, good stuff, Leo. Good Stuff! 

Ninja Style* November!


*by “Ninja Style”, I still mean phone camera quick snaps!

NKOTB-ad Pic!


Joey, Joey, Joey…  THIS is the cover of your new Christmas CD?! Really? THIS was the best possible picture choice? Are they PIRATE Christmas songs? Aaarrrghhhh? Oh, dear. 

ps… QUADS is HERE!!!


So, for the last year or so, I have been filming a fantastic web series called QUADS!!! This is episode 3!! Episodes 1&2 can be found HERE but #3 is my favorite….  ENJOY!!

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