Beatrice Lane

Beatrice Lane is a student at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow in Moosic, PA! She was a quiet, unassuming, straight B student until, in 7th grade, she picked up a fellow student’s dropped drumsticks. It was as magical as Jesus!! Her fingers didn’t stop tingling until she won over her parents and began drum lessons and then they tingled even more!  This was her calling!!! In addition to lessons, Beatrice studied all the great female drummers- Sheila E, Watts (how she got her Mom to let her watch Some Kind Of Wonderful is still a divine mystery) and Mrs. Brown, her drum teacher. She became active in the marching band, the stationary band, the drama club…  anywhere that would let her tickle the high hat!  As a freshman, she did an interpretive performance of the story of Job on the drums and that’s how she met her totes BFFs- Maddy, Lexi and Noah. Together they filmed a music video and are working on a web series called, Quad Kids. TTYL!

Maddy Mann — Jonah & the Whale

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