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OPP, amen.


And then Jesus said unto them… Nice Rack.




The Part of The Baby Jesus Will be Played By…


…a chicken! (Which came first?)

…a s’more! (Toasty, chocolate-y Jesus!)

…a Rubber Duck! (This one is just Quackers!)
Thanks to Kerri Ann for sharing the link that had the link to these Nativity Delights!

Thanks to for finding ’em to begin with!!



All 8 of the babies were devils…

The Octomom is crazy clucked up!!

I Vote Chloe!!!

You Go, Girl!!!

While Hollywood may be known for exporting images of pencil-thin women, Surrey, England, appreciates that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.Chloe Marshall, who is a size 16, won the Miss Surrey 2008 title. Now a competitor for Miss England, the 17-year-old teen says: “It’s what I was born to do — posing for the camera. And as I keep saying, I love my body.
“People seem desperate to get me to say that I don’t, that deep down I’m not happy and would rather be thin, but the fact is I wouldn’t change myself at all.”

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