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More Things I Like: 4 U & Me!!


Aren’t these ceramics wacky and wonderful?
Like U & Me!
Find ’em HERE!!

Things I Like: 4 U & Me!!


Aren’t these prints sweet and charming?
Like U & Me!
Find ’em

Cleanin’ Out My Closet with JR!


That’s the lovely, Jenn Ritchie, modeling the dress I wore when I was in a pageant in the early 80s- Lord knows, I can’t fit in it but she is workin’ it as Snow White (and her Seven Gnomes)! As to the bonnets… well, I used to wait tables in those at Plainville Farms Restaurant. It was all First Thanksgiving all the time there- and that included our uniforms!

Almost Made Me Spit Out My Beverage!

Two times in the last couple days, I have read something so funny, I almost spit my beverage out….
On Sunday, whilst watching the AMAs (or killing time until True Blood- whatevs!) and singing the praises of Pink and her performance via texts with my Mom… this was her response!
Isn’t it delicious when your Mother can accept your imaginary Supermodel girlfriend?
Ginger Ale (almost) all over the place!

And this morning, as I approached ye olde lap top, cup of tea in hand, big stretch going on…
I found this! Lodgers are FUN!!
TEA (almost) DOWN!!
Ahhh, a “check” and a note…
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