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As If The Lack of Nail Polish Remover Isn’t Enough…


ONE more Thing that exists in Nannyland:
8) A HUGE Mother&^%$ing, God*&%$, GI-NORMOUS COCKROACH!! (not collecting dust at all but a tricksy little bastard who just escaped the bottom of a shoe and relocated to Sir’s closet! Well, one of them.)

I just want to go home!! How am I supposed to sleep now??? Next to said closet the little shit now calls home is the bedroom that contains the bed in which I am sleeping!!! Sweet Mother of God!! There isn’t enough TheraFlu for this in the WORLD! And me with just one hand’s worth of nails painted a hideous shade of pink!

I don’t feel good.


And all I want to do is snuggle down in my bed and read a bad Nora Roberts book that I have already read (and thus requires less focus) until I fall asleep into a TheraFlu induced coma. But alas… I cannot. Why? Because I am in Nannyland. Two kids and Dad are already in the Hamptons and I am here with the remaining one (and his buddy). They are watching Bill and Ted on the big screen in the formal living room and I am here. Wanting bed. I thought I would be able to make myself feel better if only I had some ice cream and so with a pocket full of Nannyland money (which is like Monopoly money only not as colorful), I called Coldstone. They no longer deliver!! Am I on the Upper East Side or not??? Jay pointed out that we could get a pint delivered from the deli but I don’t want that. Chocolate plus peanut butter is what this girl wants! And bed.
Oh, and on a side note- I got gas today in Astoria from my corner Mobile. Apparently they have recently added a full service lane. I don’t like full service unless it is statewide like in New Jersey. Already it was 20 cents more a gallon and despite my Monopoly money surplus- I don’t feel like a tip is necessary! Which someone should remind the dick at Mobile about. I don’t understand the full serve… maybe I am supposed to tip but at 20 cents to the dollar… I would say he is getting a tip built in!! And then he totally creeped me out by leaning in the window of the Lexus to give me my change and staying in… YUCK!!! Yeah, I need my bed.
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