So, I was flipping through the Sirius radio stations after dropping Jay off at work/camp this morning. We had been listening to The Ricky Gervaise Show podcasts- as we have been for days. It is Jay’s first listen, you see. And I, ever the World’s Greatest Nanny, am thrilled to be sharing this slice of fried gold with him. If you have never heard it, it rules. I LOVE Karl Pilkington. Seriously. Love. Jay does, too. We may fight to see who gets to marry him. We may not. Jay is only 14. Anyway- we started with Season 2 so although Jay hasn’t heard Monkey News, it is oft referred to. Mayhap, it made me sensitive to all things monkey.

ANYWAY…  there I was, taking a short podcast break, to flip through the channels (which are broken down into decades, btw) 40s? Nada. 50s? Nyet. 60s? Nope. 70s? A monkey song. “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show” by Honey Cone (1972). UMMMM, WHAT?!?!?! This immediately made me think of the time Marjorie (housekeeper, Nannyland) told me that! It was soon after the end of my Mirage and Maja was trying to offer me advice. I thought she made this monkey advice up!!! Turns out… NO! It’s a song! Did you all know this???  And it is a doozey! Never heard it either? Well, here it is!!!