Day 4 brought all of us to the London Dungeon! Jay abandoned ship almost instantly as the wax figures were gross and it smelled like urine in the first room! Delish! The rest of us battled on… brave and stupid! Because, although it got about as scary as your average haunted house- it continued to smell funny and was downright sweltering! Between the heat and the 13 year old clinging to me, I sweat buckets and came out hot, cranky and wanting to go home! Then again, that is also how I went in! But Matt and I got a great photo and as soon as I can scan- I will share! Never has he looked so thrilled to hold a giant axe! We did a little Piccadilly after but when Jay realized it wasn’t a real Circus, we abandoned ship altogether and went to McDonalds and Virgin Mega Store. And then Matt went home…. Not our best day, people.