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You Better WORK! — Cycle 2

I totally want to host America’s Next Top TODDLER Model!
Because I am surrounded by beautiful kiddies!!
That grin, the windswept hair, the sunny yellow…
Tom & Miki- she’s a stunner!

“Two beautiful toddlers stand before me but I only have one picture in my hands…Damn Girl! Noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker- she’s crying and chewing her stiletto! Runway Diva Extraordinaire, Miss Jay- HELP!

Cuteness Factor? Incredibly high!!


After a lovely brunch at Vynl’s new Upper East Side post- in which our waitress said that the “pepper jelly was the greatest condiment ever”- we went to the zoo!! On a side note, the jelly was loved by all at our table who tasted it and although I am not sure that any of them would second it as the “greatest ever“, I think it has definitely moved up every one’s condiment lists! Then again, between Abigail and Susanna- I could have cared less about the pepper jelly!
What a pleasure it was to spend an afternoon in the breezy sunshine with two charming, happy, wonderful little girls! And their parents (and their Auntie Eunice) ain’t half bad either!
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