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The J List is Covered.


How cool are these photos?? (Titled Stacked and Uplift) Thomas Allen takes pulp novels and cuts out characters in the illustrations and then bends them up and snaps away!! With no high-tech help! What a cool photographer! His book Uncovered is out soon and I have pre-ordered! The J list wishes that there were 11x14s of these two available for hanging in the home! Maybe someday…

The J List continues….


So, I just hoovered my apartment in preparation to leave for Nannyland’s European Vacation and I miss the Dyson! And thus, I am putting it on The J List! I cannot wait for the glorious day when I can chuck this crap vacuum out the window and welcome a heavenly new Dyson to my home!

The J List totally Covets…


…all things Eddie! This is among my favorite bits. I would put that suit on The J List but I don’t hink I would look as good in it! The J List likes its Eddie like it likes its coffee…COVERED IN BEES!

Also on The J List tonight….

I have coveted Pottery Barn’s Charleston Sofa for at least three years now! Soon, I will have it!!

The J List


Ok, so Oprah has the O List and I want a J List, damn it! The J List- a list of things I think are cool and want. It’s like a Christmas List in August only instead of mailing it to the North Pole, I am blogging away…. Why?? Because I am a broad who likes things!! I am a broad who covets!
(not my neighbor’s wife but you know things from The O List!!)

And thus, I begin The J List coveting an item from The O List back in July 2006. (I had cut out the picture and it has been sitting on my desk…. coveting without buying… a skill or a ridiculous display of procrastination?) (My parents gave my money to get an iPod for Christmas 3 years ago…
I haven’t got one yet because I can’t pick which one I want!
And don’t even get me started on the new cell phone!!)
How cool is this vase?? The lily-of-the-valley is my favorite flower. It blooms for about 6 seconds every spring. Leave it to me to love something so difficult to obtain!
Seems to be a theme for me lately….
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