Ok, so Oprah has the O List and I want a J List, damn it! The J List- a list of things I think are cool and want. It’s like a Christmas List in August only instead of mailing it to the North Pole, I am blogging away…. Why?? Because I am a broad who likes things!! I am a broad who covets!
(not my neighbor’s wife but you know things from The O List!!)

And thus, I begin The J List coveting an item from The O List back in July 2006. (I had cut out the picture and it has been sitting on my desk…. coveting without buying… a skill or a ridiculous display of procrastination?) (My parents gave my money to get an iPod for Christmas 3 years ago…
I haven’t got one yet because I can’t pick which one I want!
And don’t even get me started on the new cell phone!!)
How cool is this vase?? The lily-of-the-valley is my favorite flower. It blooms for about 6 seconds every spring. Leave it to me to love something so difficult to obtain!
Seems to be a theme for me lately….